Celebrity Real Names FREE: Guess Celebs Name Game & Look Alike Trivia Quiz! App Reviews

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Love It

Love It


This app is cool but It does not have everyone

Love this!! One suggestion

I LOVE this app! As an aspiring entertainment reporter, having this app handy on my phone is like a Rolodex for celebrities I'm going to interview or need to know on the go. One suggestion: It would be PERFECT if there were some examples of work each celebrity has done or been in. Like top 5 things they're known for (ie. Movie, Show, etc.) I'd pay good money for that! Thank you!

Could have improvements.

Please add more celebrities, like current ones, and add any death dates for those who have passed away. Will add 5 stars for another update.


It is soooo awesome never gonna delete

Best app

I love this app

Sexy hot new best app ever

It is the best app ever I love it tells where they were born date they where born. Love

Celeb names

Awesome!!!!got lots of information



Real names and birth days

This is cool now I know their birth days and birth names it's so amazing thank u

Eliza ech 87 stupidness is happening!!! aaaa

i love bever fever

There are still a lot of celebrities missing, and I seen a few death dates on some of them.



It doesn't have everybody

It's cool but doesn't have everyone

No porn stars they're celebrities too


Such a good app ❤💚💗💙💜


It's not great because it does not have all of them.




This app needs a search bar for bdays. And the most popular celebs.


Hey. Great App :)


I love Justin bieber bever fever


It had Justin Bieber and Selena gomez

I loved it

Bacause it had my fav celeb michael jackson and janet jackson

Celebrities real names

Great game now I know what Selena Gomaz's birthday is July 22 who ever made the game I love it. I love Selena Marie gomaz!


This game is so fun



Hate it

I hate it cause it needs all of the not just some. It's needs a update BAD


It was so cool did u know that Bruno mars name is Peter !!!! Try it out and it's free!!!!

Grh uhugbfv

I love this app

Love it!!!

I like it because I can see some of my fave celebrities like Miley cyrus or Ashley tisdale I love it (:

Good app

I like this app it all the info about the celeb some idk but thats ok;)


We could use some updated names. If Will Arnett isn't using his real name, I want to know what it is!


I don't know most of the people and there should a search option- good idea though

Deleting it

Okay app but I'm deleting it


A list of people you don't no! No search bar and you can't go back!


I learn there real names and I always wanted to know them ;) but all the celebrity are not there there needs to be a search button

Needs 

This app NEEDS a search bar. Unless your wanting to waste your time don't download this. Five minutes already and I have only found five people I know of. On a scale of one to ten one being bad ten being good 4 and a 1/2

This is crap

U can't even search for the celb I want and it's crap


It's a okay app but needs a search bar to search names.


To saled junn nagu app

Needs more

Needs more recent names but cool app

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